Book Proposal

if you've got a well developed story and a platform in place, we'll help you to turn that idea into a commercial book proposal that will interest A-list agents and publishers.  

Brand Story

Buyers today gravitate to people and brands that have the best and the most authentic story.  We'll help you cultivate a compelling brand story, identity core values, and develop content that reflects this messaging that is authentic to your brand. 

Book Collaboration

Whether you need a full on ghost writer or a collaborater to fill in the blanks and bring you up that final 20% to greatness, we can customize a process that's right for you. .We'll design a collaboration that will help you write the book  you always wanted to write,  and you get it published.appropriately to meet your goals.

Digital Content

We employ strategic storytelling, based on your goals and values, and develop digital vehicles to help you convey your message with feeling across all platforms. We create long and short form video products  that can live on a website or drip out over the course a campaign. 

Publishing Platform

If you want to sell a book, but don't have your platform developed yet, we will help you lay the foundations stones for a platform that publishers will respect, and readers will follow. 

Mission Development

If you and your story are about making the world a better place, tell the world about it! We specialize in helping brands to plant  the seeds of a mission and a movement that fits organically with the brand, and raises all boats.

A La Carte

Brand Reel

A short doc highlighting  you and your brand, that tells your story in a style and format that captures  the heart and soul of your mission. 

Keynote speech

Speaking in front of audiences is a trusted way to get the word out about you and your brand.  We will help you target your keynote and short form addresses that will get you booked. 

Ted Talk

We specialize in biographical, emotionally driven TED Talks that tell the human story behind innovation in under fifteen minutes. 

Columns and Articles

We provide recurring feature columns in respected publications that will catch the attention of editors and readers. 

Branded Programs

We create branded programming that delivers a company's message seamlessly, while entertaining and engaging viewers.


Today's return to audible content is great for authors and experts. If you are looking for a way to tell your story episodically through sound, we will help you develop the perfect podcast for you.. 

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